The Best Shared Web Hosting Possible

Shared web hosting has a bad reputation. Websites get suspended for “too much CPU usage” or no reason at all. Most hosts will blame their customers for using WordPress, or make up some excuse as to why their website got suspended. However, the truth is that a lot of web hosts are just really bad to begin with.

We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for being able to handle those who have been shunned by their previous web hosts. Our shared hosting platform is not only fast, stable, and simple, but it can also handle much heavier traffic than most of our competitors.

The first piece of the puzzle is SSD storage. A lot of web hosts only use SSD as cache for their regular drives, but we are in the process of upgrading all of our MySQL servers to full SSD storage. This means faster performance for you. No more blaming WordPress or Joomla for using too many resources.

All of our servers also run on the CloudLinux platform. CloudLinux protects your website from other users. In the old days, when another website on the same server got a huge surge of traffic, it would take resources away from everyone else on the server. This meant that websites would get suspended for using too much CPU. CloudLinux prevents that. If a website suddenly gets overwhelmed and attempts to steal resources, CloudLinux steps in and keeps things running perfectly. No more crashing under heavy loads and no more false website suspensions.

The end result of all of these features? Your website will be blazing fast, extremely stable, and much easier to use on our platform than on anybody else’s. We are so sure of this, that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your hosting plan, just cancel your service within 14 days and you’ll get a complete refund (excluding domain registrations and SSL certificates).

If your current web host isn’t delivering all of these features for as low as $5 a month, it’s time to switch. Contact us at for any questions, or get started right now!

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